Ginger Vogt: Fine Artist and creator of The Cowboy Way


A depiction of a cowboy's life in paint by Ginger Vogt

The names Gene Autry and Roy Rogers bring to mind images of happy, hard working cowboys. The series "A Cowboy’s Way" originated from the images evoked by these legendary heroes.

These vibrant paintings engage us in the stories of outdoor air, long hours in the saddle, dusty, hot trails and the fun of round-ups. They also share the music or poetry created during their down time as well as the pride that came with doing a job that gave them a true sense of value.

As a youngster, I daydreamed of being a cowgirl and getting to ride my horse at a full out gallop, chasing the bad guys. As an adult I have turned some of these daydreams into reality. I have chased some ornery cows instead of gangsters, but it was still a lot of fun. The times I have had to work cattle or rope for fun have forever imprinted exactly how hard, dusty and fun cowboy work really is.

The colors used in these paintings are as vibrant as the cowboys themselves. The paintings are done on high quality, acid-free paper and painted with the finest watercolor or acrylic paints available to ensure a vivid, long lasting life.